A freelance operative/courier gets cut off from his handlers after a simple job goes haywire. Without any contacts and alone in New York City except for a few friends who have no idea what he really does for a living, Lyle Kinane hangs onto the only insurance he has…

A copy of the package from that fatal job.

He’s got no connections, is 600 miles away from the scene of the crime, and his anxiety attacks are flaring up like crazy. But he’s got no choice, because the only other option is a permanent retirement in a Potter’s Field, which would make his anxiety seem like nothing in comparison…



Costa Koutsoutis is a writer of books, novellas, short stories, comics, and essays, as well as an occasional cartoonist. When he’s not writing or drinking far too much coffee, he’s teaching English watching bad action movies.

Get in touch – costakout@gmail.com